The WaterPyramid is used in tropical remote regions to desalinate saline water and to harvest rainwater. The technology is best used were abundant radiation of the sun and free ground space is available. 
  2. Remote rural villages in desert areas, tropical regions and island ridges lacking sufficient fresh drinking water. Mostly Developing Countries.


    On yearly basis approximately 600 m3 of fresh drinking water is produced: 300 m3 distillate and 300 m3 as a result of rainwater harvesting.


    Unique and rewarded by the World Bank with the Development Marketplace Award 2006. Based on the principle of large scale evaporation and condensation. Operation and maintenance is done by a local workforce. The WaterPyramid is designed following appropriate technology standards and is based on patented technology.

    Benefits of WaterPyramid:

    • good quality drinking water made easily available
    • 'low-tech', can be operated and maintained by local workforce 

    • provides income generation and work for local workforce • to be applied in rural and remote situations
    • low operational and maintenance costs
    • proven technology