DeltaSigma Products B.V. is a dutch company that although it is a young firm it allready has build a name in providing:

  1. Total solutions for police, justice and military organisations regarding the problem of drugabuse
  2. Offering a complete range of products from diagnostic tests, hospital equipment to treatment.


Besides offering total solutions DeltaSigma Products B.V. is specialised in the area of gastroenterology; in immunochromatographic rapid tests and trace detection products and systems.


Our main goal is cooperating withg the involved staff and ministry of health in building a strategy of purchasing and supplying medical products, devices and services which meet the needs of the national health care.


Products and services:

  • Consultancy
  • Manufacturing of standard or custom made medicines
  • Hospital equipment (new or refurbished)
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Analysing equipment / point of care analyser
  • Operation room theatre single use materials
  • ICT software programs for gastroenterology
  • Training
  • Drugtests


We have exclusive agreements with our main manufacturers and suppliers and produce under license unique own product developments


Our Clients:

  1. Prison departments
  2. Military in general
  3. Customs
  4. Security companies
  5. Ministry of health
  6. General hospitals
  7. University clinics
  8. Military hospitals

DeltaSigma Products B.V. is advising, training, supplying and taking care of maintenance for clients in Europe and Africa


  • International network of manufacturers
  • International network of scientists and fysicians
  • Cost effective pricing