Water & Energy Shop

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor water projects

Situation and need
People in Developing Countries often do not have good drinking water and electricity available. Nevertheless the need for these commodities is high and people are willing to pay for it. But the initial investments to set up these services are big and due to a lack in capital, often people are deprived of these basic commodities.

To solve this problem DeltaSigma Products BV developed the Water & Energy Shop concept. Water & Energy Shops can be operated in a (financial) sustainably way in those places were water shortage are eminent and people are willing to pay money for the delivery of clean water.

Target group

Private enterprises, organizations and NGO's who are working on water related issues in tropical countries and interested in setting up a franchise of Water & Energy Shops. 

Technology, analysis and water production

Dependant on the nature of the contamination the best suitable technology is selected for the area in which the Shops are set up. A cost and income analysis is made to find out if the operations can be run on a financial sustainable basis and enough profit can be made so that the entrepreneur can be paid and the initial investments regained.

Sales of Energy

Often water and energy go together. If there is a need for water, usually there is also a need for energy. If that is the case, the Water & Energy Shop can fulfill this need by charging batteries (for mobiles, cars, LED bulbs, TV sets, etc.) using the energy that is provided by electrical grid, wind generation or solar power.

Local entrepreneur is critical for success

To reach a long term sustainable situation, involvement of local entrepreneurs is critical for success. Local entrepreneurs are trained to operate and maintain a Water & Energy Shop and will become responsible for the sales. 

Benefits of the Water & Energy Shop

• Clean drinking water and energy is easily provided;
• Income and employment is generated, the local economy is benefitting
• Operational costs of the shop are low, increasing the chances of a successful enterprise • Environment is saved because state of the art technologies are used
• DeltaSigma can support in obtaining sufficient funding