Rain Collection And Purification system (RainCAP) Usage

The Rain Collection And Purification system (RainCAP) is a foil sheet tank that is made of a very sturdy and durable plastic sheet. The foil tank is placed in the ground and used to collect/capture up to 50 m3 of rainwater. From there the water is pumped up, purified when needed and distributed as drinking water to the consumers.

The RainCap system is easy to transport, install and maintain. It can be installed in combination with the UV WaterBox. The tank can be cleaned regularly and removed when needed.

Benefits of RainCAP

• Simple and durable solution;
• Delivers high quality drinking water;
• Low labor-, transport- and material costs; • A lifetime of 10 years or more; 

• Easily transported, cleaned and replaced upon demand.

Target group and delivery

The RainCAP is designed for usage in tropical counties with modest to high rainfall. We focus both on family level (with our 15 m3 tank) and on village level (our 50 m3 tank). The tanks follow a modular design and can be linked dependent on the needs of the client.

The 15 m3 tank serves an extended family of 30 people for 8 months consuming 2 liter p.p./ day. The 50 m3 tank serves a village of 200 people drinking 2 liter p.p./ day for 4 month.

Dimensions of the foil tanks

1.The 15 m3 tank (for families) ranges 3,2 meter in diameter and extends 2,5 m deep into the ground.

2.The 50 m3 tank (for villages) has a diameter of 4,8 meter and ranges 3,3 meter into the ground. 

Rainwater Catchment area

Capturing of rainwater is best done using existing roof systems. Schools, medical centers and governmental buildings can be often deployed for that purpose. By installing rainwater gutters along the roofs the water is collected. The RainCAP system is attached at that point to take care of the filtering, storage and purification of the water.

The total of the collected rainfall is dependent on the condition of the roofs, the gutters and the level op maintenance in combination with the local rainfall pattern.


The RainCAP system is best applied in tropical regions displaying moderate to high rainfall. The systems can be installed in relative soft ground (compacted sand, silts, etc.). It is advised to avoid sharp rocks surfaces in order to prevent puncturing of the foil material.

Technologies used

The foils tank system is manufactured using strong and durable plastics. Collected water can be stored for a period of up to 8 months dependant on level of maintenance. 

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