Dutch Septic Tank
The problem

The Dutch Sceptic Tank (DST) is a new product aimed to lower the cost of the construction of a simple latrine significantly for people living in rural areas and far off island regions. In many cases the major hurdle in obtaining good sanitation are the cost of the materials, the labor and the transportation needed.

The solution
Dutch septic tank

The DST proposes a smart and effective alternative for the presentconcrete-iron septic tank construction. The DST is designed using

strong and sturdy foils to construct a double tank system. Concrete is no longer needed.

Target groups

Families being aware that good sanitation is essential for a good health. Mostly situated in remote rural- and island regions were transportation of materials, goods an labor is expensive.


In the foil chambers the faces are collected, disintegrated and decomposed. After a sufficient detention time the effluent is released into the environment without implications for contamination or deterioration of the ground water table.

Reducing the cost of a latrine significantly
Can be easily transported without additional costs. Overall sanitation is increased. Financial hurdle for poor villagers is reduced significantly.